Your Tax Dollars for Political Campaigns? It’s on Washington’s Ballot

It’s been 44 years since Washington voters approved an initiative to require the disclosure of campaign contributions – and 24 years since voters enacted limits on campaign donations. Now comes a proposal to update those laws and usher in a new era of publicly-financed elections. Initiative 1464 on the November ballot is a 23-page rewrite of the laws governing political … Read More

Longview’s The Daily News Opposes I-1464

“Does this sound like a plan to get money out of politics? On the contrary, it’s just the opposite. This initiative, which is supposedly going to end political corruption, would clearly do more to harm than good by flushing hundreds of millions of dollars into the political system.” Read More Here.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin Opposes I-1464

“Initiative 1464 is a terrible idea on several levels. Let’s start with its unnecessary call to amend the law to allow public funds — tax dollars — to be used to finance campaigns for elected offices. This, on principle, should not be a function of government. Nor is it a sensible use of tax dollars.” Read More Here.